Hair Transplantation and Anotomy of the Hair


There are typically 5 million hair follicles in a body. Around 100.000 of them compose hair. After birth no new hair follicle appears. It should be accepted as normal to lose 100-150 cheap MLB jerseys hair daily. In reality, exact loss of follicles occur only after Technique scared tissues, or skin loss. In androgenic type of hair loss, hair follicles are not lost completely, but those follicles just lose their function due to histological changes related to those follicles.

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Although number and size of follicles change, their basic anatomy remains the same. Alert A single hair, which is consist of alfa-keratin serial and has a width of 0.05-0.09 mm, is structurally is divided into 2 parts: bulb and shaft. Hair shaft, which is the part seen on the skin and comes after root, is consist of post dead cells turning into keratin. This part is composed of 3 layers: (from inside through wholesale nfl jerseys outside) medulla, cortex, and cuticle. Cortex gives the hair its strength and color. Cuticle is composed of dead cells and constituents as layers, and stands for shield task to protect. And Medulla disappears in tiny hair, and can only be seen on thick hair. Hair bulbs are factories producing hair.

Each single hair root is surrounded by one inner and one outer A sheaths. At the end point of outer sheath, upper edge of the skin starts. Outer sheath also includes various immunological and neurosensorial cells. Inner sheath determines the shape and thickness of hair. The most productive center of bulb is dermal papilla. It is the part on the farthest edge of the bulb in skin. It is consist of live and continuously dividing cells. Hair tendons are produced here. Melanocytes giving color to the hair are also located here. It takes nourishment through the capillary vessel extensions called as papilla. When this connection is cut, it turns into a graft and needs another live bed to stay alive. Each hair follicle belongs to one of 3 life phases: growth (anagen), regression (catagen), and resting (telogen). Through an average life time this cycle keeps repeating around 20-25 times. 85%-90% of hair life passes in growth phase. This rate and duration differs for the hair on different parts of the body. For example; hair on scalp stays in growth phase for 2-8 years while duration for brow hair is 2-3 months. wholesale NFL jerseys For scalp hair resting phase takes 2-4 months. And growth is about 1-1.5 cm per month. Typically 2%-10% of our hair is in resting phase. Some medication including for androgen forces hair in cheap jerseys this phase for growth phase to decrease hair loss.

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