Is it possible to have hair transplantation without getting wholesale nfl jerseys my hair cut?
To collect hair follicles from the nape, we have to shave a specific wholesale nba jerseys area. If the remaining hair is long enough to cover the shaved area that we collected follicles from, hair transplantation by using Choi Implanter PLT technique is possible without shaving front parts. But, it affects the duration and cost of the operation.

Which technique you use to collect hair follicles? And is it possible for those hair follicles to grow in the same area again?

In our center, we collect hair follicles (grafts) by using FUE technique. Those hair follicles to be collected will not grow again in their previous location. This is why hair follicles are collected by skipping method on the nape. Ever In other words, we can say that hair on the nape will lose its previous density.

After hair transplantation, will I keep losing my untransplanted hair?

Patients who are younger than 32-35 ages will keep transplanted follicles, but other hair might keep losing. This is why you may need a density operation in the future. To decrease the possibility of hair loss, we will support you with a variety of medical solutions.

What people are not suitable for hair plant?

People who don’t have required amount of hair follicles on the nape, people with systematic disease affecting hair, with bleeding problems, and with cheap jerseys infections cannot have hair transplant. For the people who use blood thinner we can perform hair transplantation after using fraxiparine, or similar for a while.

Does hair transplantation leave marks?

Not in FUE technique

Why the number of grafts and hair follicles are different?

Because one graft contains more than one hair follicle.

How many hair follicles can be collected most in one session?

It is not correct to give a certain number, because speed of the team is also important. Usually in one session around 4000-5000 grafts can be collected. These number are very high and capable of covering larger areas.

How is the recovery process after hair transplantation?

Redness and scabs after hair transplant will be gone in about 10 days and leave no marks of transplant.

In how long I can start swimming after hair transplant?

15 days after the operation, you can start swimming.

In how long I can start working out after hair transplant?

1 week after hair transplantation you can start working out.

Who should perform hair transplant?

Hair transplant is both a surgical procedure and a A graft-principled initiative. Only discipline including both is plastic surgery. For this reason, make sure that hair transplant team is leaded by a plastic surgeon.

Can people with no hair on the scalp have hair transplantation?

For patients who don’t have required hair follicles on nape, we collect hair follicles from other parts of the body and implant Youth on the scalp. However, I need to emphasize that hair on other parts of the body are different in hair quality than cheap nfl jerseys hair on the scalp, and rate of success will not be as high as it is with follicles from nape. At least, our experience indicates these results.

Can you restore a failed hair transplant?
Yes. Incorrectly transplanted follicles can be collected Transplantation by FUE technique again and be transplanted on right locations in right density and angle.